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Carbon Tree animation is based on the measurements at the SMEAR II station and on the Carbon Tree website you can monitor how the medium-sized pine in Southern Finland exchanges carbon dioxide in real time. In addition to the website, there is also the Interactive Carbon Tree exhibition stand (see photo on the left), including physical user interface that allows a viewer to adjust environmental conditions of the Carbon tree: one can, for instance, increase the air temperature by warming the sensor with a hand or increase CO2 concentration by blowing air towards it. The changes affect carbon flow immediately.  

Carbon Tree is a part of Climate Whirl umbrella, which aims to increase public awareness of the interaction between forests and climate and to provide a holistic and general understanding of the forefront of climate and ecosystem research. In addition, the Climate Whirl aims to break the boundaries between science, art and education. The Climate Whirl originates from multidisciplinary research at the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, as well as from an equal dialogue between scientists and artists. In addition to the Carbon Tree, artist residences, workshops and seminars are organized under the Climate Whirl.