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Advanced quiz

1. Respiration is a cellular process to obtain chemical energy from


2. Since stomata are the same pores through which carbon dioxide enters into the leaves, the result of their closure is a reduction in photosynthesis.


3. The air is moist if VPD (Vapour Pressure Deficit) is high.


4. Photosynthesis of a shoot can be measured by enclosing it within a chamber and following the change of


5. As VPD increases, photosynthesis decreases due to the closure of the stomata.


6. The effect of light on photosynthesis has a clear saturating pattern: more light results in more photosynthesis but eventually leaves cannot take full advantage of all the extra light.


7. “Stage of acclimation” refers to the seasonality of


8. Plants open its stomata to avoid losing too much water.


9. Photosynthesis shuts down if the temperature of previous night has been lower than


10. REW stands for “Relative Extractable Water”


11. When there is low soil moisture, plants close its stomata pores which then decreases photosynthesis.


12. In trees, approximately half of the carbon bound in photosynthesis is used for construction of new biomass.


13. Photoinhibition means the decrease in photosynthesis due to


14. Leaf area increases with stand age, resulting in a decreasing rate of photosynthesis in the stand.


15. The stage of acclimation at any given day depends on the temperatures experienced by the plant during the previous months.


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